1968 Jaguar 3.4s

The first of our classic cars is a 1968 Jaguar 3.4 S Type in Ivory Old English White and is the epitome of a wedding car. The S Type was described in the 1960s advertising by Sir William Lyons, the owner and chief designer of Jaguar cars, as having “Space, Grace and Pace”.

To hire this S Type Jaguar for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £400

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There is space in the back for two large adults or one adult and two children with the front passengers seat for another adult. In the back there is more than enough leg space for the largest and grandest of wedding dresses.

The S Type has all the grace that was opulent in the 60s. Not only is the Ivory paint work faultless on the outside but the contrasting Black interior is superb. As with most Jaguars of this era the inside is festooned with Walnut wood panels and more switches than you can shake a stick at.

As for Pace the S Type Jaguar is powered by its original 3.4 litre straight six XK engine with a smooth automatic gearbox both of which have undergone complete rebuilds. The independent rear suspension axle on the S Type is the same as used on the E Type and MK10 Jaguars of the same era so smoothes out the bumps with ease. The Engine purrs like a kitten until you open the throttle and then it growls like the  large cat that it is.

This S Type  underwent a complete rebuild which was finished in November 2014.  The car which was originally Dove grey was stripped to bare metal having had every nut and bolt removed from the chassis. The Chassis was grit blasted and then re sprayed in the Old English white you see now. The engine was rebuilt with most of the major components replaced during a re-bore of the cylinders and the three speed automatic gearbox has been completely overhauled. All the Sub-frames were stripped and the suspension, brakes and bearings were all renewed. At the end of the re-build new stainless steel bumpers were added to replace the old tarnished chrome bumpers to really freshen up the shiny finish and looks of the car.

Of the original 24,993 S Type Jaguars built between 1963 and 1968 there are now less than 1000 still on the road Worldwide and less than 400 in the UK, few if any in better condition than this one.

Below is a picture gallery of the rebuild stages that took place with some before and after comparison shots. To enlarge any photo please click on the image.

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