1965 Ford Zephyr 4 Mk3

This is a 1965 Ford Zephyr 4 MK3 in Ermine white powered by a 1703cc straight four engine. Built between 1962 and 1966.

To hire this Ford Zephyr for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £350.

The car was bought new in 1965 by a gentleman called William who kept the car up until his death in 2016. His granddaughter who inherited the car sold it to the present owner in 2016 and it is now called “Cedric” and lives in a man cave lavished and polished every day.

“Cedric” has just 76000 miles on the clock, an average of just 1500 miles a year since new. “Cedric was taken off the road in the 1980s as William had decided to do a quick restoration on him but as these things go life got in the way and “Cedric” was not put back on the road until 2010. During the restoration “Cedric” had a full re-spray following some bodywork repairs.  The Blue interior is all original with the big front bench seat for three adults and room in the back for four across the wide back seat. It’s possibly wide enough to sit six children across the back seat but no seat belts due to his age. “Cedric” is the largest of the cars on the Torbay wedding car club site having been styled in the 1950s by a Canadian called Roy Brown with the American and Canadian markets to copy. Mini fins on the back wings and lots of space.

The 1703cc engine is not the most powerful of engines but it gets “Cedric” from A to B with an air of grandeur and style and at the time of build was one of Fords flagship cars.  It has a manual four speed gear box with the gear change on the column so as not to get in the way of the bench seat. Not a car for going around corners quickly as a lone passenger in the back would slide from one side to the other on the wide bench seats.

Cedric is not new to weddings as one of the photos that came with the purchase of the car is of the original owner William and his daughter with “Cedric” at her wedding.

To view “Cedric” in person before booking please call us on 07900067694 to arrange or come and visit us at one of the many wedding fayre we attend in the Torbay area.

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