1953 Alvis TA21 Drop head coupe.

This is a 1953 Alvis TA21 drophead coupe. Steve the owner has recently finished a two year restoration of this car which has been completed to a very high standard.

To hire this Alvis for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £500.

The Alvis TA21 was made in four and two door models and we have both on our site at the moment so they complement each other and can be hired as a pair to really turn heads at your wedding. This particular TA21 drophead was built in 1953 and has an aluminium skinned body over an ash wood frame made by Tickford a renown coach builder in the 1950’s and is still going today. The Alvis was a British car manufacturer from 1919 through to 1967 and in the 1950s were serious competition for Rolls Royce and Bentley.

The car came to Steve in a very sorry state as several previous owners had begun to restore the car but had never completed it. The restoration began in the late 1980s when the car was stripped down and work was completed on the chassis and running gear. It was then left in hundreds of boxes in different garages and barns for nearly 25 years until Steve took ownership in 2015. The car was lovingly restored with no expense spared on either the paint, interior or the running gear and what you now see is possibly one of the if not the best Tickford bodied TA21’s in the country.

The car is powered by a 3 litre straight six engine which is capable of 100 mph. The car is ultra smooth with a four speed gear box. The interior is Italian red leather which complements the two tone Blue paint work and stainless steel wire wheels. The blue hood has three positions. It can be fully up to protect driver and passengers from the most inclement weather. The second position is where the front section of the hood can be rolled back over the driver leaving the rear seat passengers covered and there is little or no wind disturbance in the back. The third position is with the hood fully down which takes a matter of seconds. We tend to drive with the hood up but due to its ease of being lowered 100 yards from the church the top can be dropped and you can arrive in Regal splendor.

With the suicide front doors and the design of the folding front seats getting in and out of the back of the Coupe is easier than the saloon especially with the roof down. The leg room in the back is no different to the saloon so loads of room for even the biggest of dresses.

If you are interested in hiring this Alvis TA21 for your wedding please contact us via our contacts page or by phoning Rob on 07900067694.


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