1968 Daimler V8 250

This is our newest addition to the club, a 1968 Daimler V8 250 in Arden or British Racing Green with matching green leather interior.

To hire this Daimler for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £350.

Powered by the Daimler V8 two and a half litre engine with the Borg Warner 35 auto box this Daimler is so quiet that it is difficult to hear the engine when running other than the V8 bubble coming from the twin exhausts at the back. The body shell is that of the MK2 “Morse” Jaguar but with the glorious chrome fluted grill to distinguish itself from the Jaguar.

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The interior looks as though it has never been used and when you consider the mileage is only 33,900 you can understand why. Only 723 miles average usage a year since new. Only two owners the first being the owner of the Manor House Hotel in Paignton. The second owner who lives in Newton Abbot has owned the car since 1989. The car is all original other than having had a re-spray in 1990 and is a fantastic example of this ultra smooth and sophisticated compact saloon.

The V8-250 is a four-door saloon which was produced by The Daimler Company in the UK from 1962 to 1969. It was the first Daimler car to be based on a Jaguar platform, that being the MK2 Jaguar, the first Daimler car with a unit body, and the last Daimler car to feature a Daimler engine after the company was bought from the Birmingham small arms (BSA) company by Jaguar cars in 1960.

This V8 250 model was produced from October 1967 – 1969 and more than 17,600 units were sold of which there are only 102 left in the UK. Up until 1995 the 250 was still the best-selling car in Daimler’s history

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