1997 Jaguar XJ8 long wheel base

Here we have a 1997 Jaguar XJ8 Sovereign LWB in Silver with light tan leather interior.

To hire this Jaguar for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £350.

Jaguar released this long wheelbase version of the Sovereign in 1997. The difference between a standard XJ8 and this Sovereign version is that the car is around 4 inches longer, with the rear doors being noticeably longer than the front; there is also correspondingly taller rear roof profile to provide additional headroom. The Long wheel base version provided considerably more rear legroom and made the XJ a true limousine.

This is a truly stunning version of the Sovereign that looks as if it has just rolled off the production line even though it is 21 years old and offers a comfortable car for even the longest of legs or biggest of dresses.

Powered by a 4 ltr Jaguar engine and a whisper smooth auto gearbox this is already a classic car, a stunning car that will turn heads and cameras.

The Sovereign can be hired individually on a day rate of £350 or as a package with one of our other classic cars. This will be chauffeur driven with flowers and ribbons and will be available for multiple short journeys from home to church for the Bridesmaids and other family members as long as time and distance allows. Journeys of over 30 miles will be subject to a small fuel surcharge.

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