1965 Riley 4/72

This is our 1965 Riley  4/72 in Dove grey with bright red leather interior . There were 25,091 Riley 4/72’s made between 1959 and 1968 and it is believed that only 152 still exist today.

To hire this Riley for a weekend Summer wedding the cost for the day is just £350.

Our Riley 4/72 was bought for £1087 in 1965, meaning that last year 2015 was the car’s 50th birthday. Our Riley has had just four owners from new. The second owner, when the car had just 33,036 miles on the clock, put the car away one day in a windowless garage and left it there untouched for 19 years. The third owner refurbished the car having bought it in 1991 and only added an extra 3000 miles before selling it in 2010 to the present and fourth owner.The car has 44,180 miles on the clock today which means it has averaged just 866 miles a year since new.

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Since 2010 the present owners have been lovingly restoring the car and it is immaculate. The red leather interior is in stark contrast to the original external colour of Dove grey and is in beautiful condition. The back seats are sumptuous and very comfortable with more than enough room for the largest of wedding dresses.. The car has had a full re-spray and the paint work is flawless, which is difficult to achieve with such large 1960 style flat panels and American style rear wings. The wood work inside on the dash is exquisite and looks like polished cork but in fact is Burr Walnut. All the chrome work and trim has been either replaced or re chromed to a high standard. The engine has been completely rebuilt with hardened valve seats to run on unleaded fuel and has a four speed manual gearbox. The back axle has been upgraded to a better differential specification to allow the car to run with the modern traffic.

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The Riley 4/72 has a 1.6 ltr  engine (1622 cc), with twin-carbs producing 68 hp (51 kW). Made by the BMC group (British Motor Company) between 1959 and 1969 it was designed by Farina.

When an automatic 4/72 was tested by The Motor magazine in 1962 they recorded a top speed of 81.3 mph, acceleration from 0-60 mph in 20.6 seconds and a fuel consumption of 22.1 mpg

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